I could not escape you - even if I was an astronaut
Who could fly through the vastness to the planets where I know you’re not
Somehow you’d haunt me there, always to remind me
That no matter where I run to - there your memory will find me
I just can't run away from you - the way that you ran from yourself

I could not forget you even if I was a traveler
Who allowed the thorns and dusty roads to be sanity's unraveler
Tattered, torn and crazy in some whitened institute
Even if my memory failed me there - I’d still remember you
For I just can't forget you darlin', the way you’ve forgotten yourself
I just can't forget you darlin', the way you've forgotten yourself

I could not rebuild us even if I was an architect
Who's cities blocked out the skyline with glass and stone built to perfect specs
We could have been flawless - if we were only flawed less
But we’re cracked down, beaten and broken like forgotten, old, war machines
We let sweet passion die like a body in the estuary
of a once successful millionaire now too unrecognized to view or bury
Who no one knows or cares about at all
Who died alone the victim of misfortune's fatal fall
I don’t want to drown alone at all
Though you, my love, have now become my fortune’s fatal fall
I don’t want to die alone at all…we’ll die alone…we die alone - us all

So now you’ll find me here, clutching photographs so beautiful
Of our hard times and fault lines and your perfume jar that’s barely full
Sitting quietly in my chair watching reminiscent rain
That brings to mind us dancing - while I’m keeping time on the window pane
In the film reels of my memory you still direct my heart
So I keep sailors busy building seas of tears for them to chart
I just can’t get over you - the way you got over yourself
I just can’t let go of you  - the way you let go of yourself

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