Run to You

Lord, I’m so scared now - I’ve never felt so all alone
I’m broken down and empty wrapped in darkness cold as snow
Stumbling through the blackness where I feel there’s no escape
Searching for redemption and release from my sorrow and my chains

Lord, only you can make this heart complete
And reach through the storm and the fear to rescue me

I will run to you - for in you I’m alive and in you I find my peace
I will run to you - Through your mercy be revived - for in you I find release

With all my hope abandoned, Lord I finally see
That even through the darkness and the tears you’re still hanging on to me
So take my hurt and fear now - I’m no longer holding on
Through it all you’re still beside me although everyone else is gone

Lord, only you can lead me through the pain
Take my hand and walk me through the (pouring) rain
When I’m lost and my heart can’t carry on
When by helplessness I'm surrounded and my walls of strength are gone
You remain - my peace and my comfort
You remain - when all hope is gone
You remain - my strength and my mercy, oh Lord
You remain - when I have no desire to carry on
So I will run to you - for through your grace my broken heart can be redeemed

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