I'll Keep Reaching

I grew up in your arms in such beautiful peace
So secure in your protection that I became unaware it was you always carrying me
So I ran as soon as I could walk to the farthest place from you
Where I wrapped myself in chains I called release
But when the storms of my regret revealed their blackened clouds
I found that I was just as helpless as I was proud
Yet while I fought the painful waves guilt and shame
Through it all I heard you crying out my name…and you said…

As long as you’re drowning I’ll keep reaching for you - for you…
As long as you’re falling - son, I’ll keep calling
I’ll keep reaching for you

I felt hope fading fast watching the waves like towers collide
It's so hard to see redemption when the blinding rain consumes my eyes
In despair I screamed through the darkness as I struggled to fight through the falling waves
That blacked out the sky and made it impossible to find your hand that was longing to save
But through the wind and the raging storm I could hear you calling my name
I could hear you say…

You were screaming -
What will it be? Will you choose to struggle and drown or will you choose me?
Take hold of my hand or take hold of your sinking ship
I’ll set you free if you just reach for me.
Let me drag you to shore - to release from your weakness and pain
Take hold of me - I won’t ever let go
Take hold of me - I won’t ever let you go
Just let go - and let me take hold of you
If you let go - I’ll never let you go - I’ll never let go

When I took my eyes off of you - you never took your eyes off of me

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