Dear Natalie

I’ll be your Antonio, Maria
(You can win my heart with a song and switchblade knife)
Girl, I’ll smile every time I see you –  knowing that you’re mine, all mine
You can be the one I win the world for
(I’d trade the world to win your heart)
You know I’ve always been a wandering, rambling man
(Let me be the end to the journeys that you start)

This love will be forever the only love that I seek
So we’ll stand and hold hands with church bells and wedding bands as we dreamed
This love will be for always the only love that I know
These arms, like anchors, will hold true and never let you go

I can be your James Dean for you, my dear sweet Natalie; I’ll turn this dusty mansion to a home
(My darlin’, there may never be a boulevard of endless dreams)
But I can swear you'll never be alone

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