Caroline's Song

You were always there for me even when I was broken
It was you carrying me and you didn’t even know it
You're a warm fire burning on these lonely nights
Always saying, "keep on, boy, everything is going to be alright"
Like a light in the window calling me home
Reminding me that it’s dark out here but I’ll never be alone
Ever faithfully whispering, "don’t let go, I'm here - you’re not alone…"

So smile and keep on running
Smile, your change is coming

You were always strong and beautiful even when I felt so broken down and hideous
You pulled me from the ocean floor and reminded me that drowning is for idiots
Like a hand in the storm through the towering waves
You dragged me to shore even when I begged not to be saved
For eternity, girl, you’ll be my closest friend
Through these cold, dark, lonely nights until our bright and shining end

So smile, and keep on running
Smile, your change is coming

I know right now we’re torn apart
But no mile or mountain can ever keep you from my heart
These days, darlin’, are the hardest times
But no space between us can ever keep you from my mind
So smile, it’s only for a little while
Just smile, that pretty smile

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