I’m here broken on my own crying and alone
Wondering if you’re alright or if you’re as scared as I
I’ve never felt such fear so lost or so unclear
It’s been hell these last few days - how am I to make it through the years?

It hurts more knowing I can’t run to you then knowing I’m alone…

I hate the thought of you lost and out there on your own
Stumbling through the darkness maybe trying to make it home
I had this dream that I protected you for so long but then you made me let you go
On your own…alone…
Into the blackness, unaware that on all sides the wolves prepared to attack - but I couldn’t run to you
I cried and I screamed but picked flowers while they charged at you
One your own…alone…alone...
I sat in watched in tear filled horror while they grabbed at you
Then they dragged you into the darkness and I could hear you scream
I tried to run to you -  but was held fast by the chains you’d put on me
So I screamed and I wailed and I cried for you
Forced to watch them tear your body and throw your limbs about the streets
When at last they finally were through with you
All that there was left were the scattered parts that they didn’t care to eat
Now I cry and I weep - how I long for you!
While I gather all the pieces that I can
Now I’m left here with just what they left of you - and the memories and thoughts of how we could have been
I’m so Alone…alone…alone
Holding on to what I can but too terrified to let you go
I would have fought for you and we would have been fine
But now all I have left of you is the pain of watching you die
While all the chains that you'd placed on my feet made me stand idly by
It hurts more knowing I can’t run to you then knowing I’m alone…

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