Day One of the Nights I'll Die Alone

I've got a bad idea that's probably gonna turn out worse
The second that I act what's on my mind 
I had a mind to tell you, but I couldn't find the words 
so there you go, I'm all alone, ten miles behind  

Maybe I'll think about you and wonder
if you're somewhere on the road 
As I hum a song you wrote me years before 
While I'm laying here with someone you've never met or known 
In a life you wouldn't fit in anymore 

It's strange to wake up in the morning
and have someone right beside you 
Then to go to bed that evening all alone 
Now I'm drawing lone stick figures in the fog breath on the window 
Here's to day one of the nights I'll die alone 

I've got a mind to tell you
That you're still on my mind 
I just can't seem to get you off this heart of mine
If I had a line to sell you to make you stay behind 
I'd let you know, but there you go, and I'm doing fine 
I'm all alone, and you're all alone, and we're doing fine 

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