Lay It Down Easy

Lean on me awhile, although I'm not of whom you've dreamed
since you were but a child; 
but child, can I learn to be the kind of man that you require?
Don't shun me from your side
if I can make you feel like you're somehow more alive

Oh, won't you open your heart again? 

Let it all bleed out; your subtle sense of worrying
Soon trust will come around setting you ever free again
to see the hope that you desire
I can't help but feel this darkness troubling you
in the same way I've fought for years
I just want to make you smile and draw you out
from all the anxiouaness, to perfect calm again

Oh, lay it down easy
the Devil's at the driving reigns 
trying to drag you to your childish ways of doubting yourself again
Oh, lay it down easy 
know you're not the one to blame
for falling to a darker place than where you began 

While I'm carrying this torch I know your scars are hard to hide
But I won't look at yours if you try not to stare at mine
You're safe with me, my dear

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