Nothing & All Things, Altogether

I've been scarred by times before 
more often than I have healed properly 
I've found hurts don't erase; they're simply replaced 
or dampened by some other muse

Still it's not lack of judgement or misuse of faith 
Some poor decisions don't start as mistakes 
somewhere in the pages the story just changed
to what we wanted subconsciously 
Maybe heartache is something we need 
Maybe heartache is something we breed 

So hush child, close your eyes 
and welcome your dreams ever frightening 
For it's only a matter of time 
before you lose sense of wonder and awe

If growing old isn't the hardest part 
It's wondering how you could crawl so far 
to still have no concept of who you are 
that will cut you to ribbons inside 
That'll drive a man from his mind
That'll drive a man from his mind    

Ive sworn it since I was a child;
some wounds never mend
We just cut away at the most frequent pain
to make scars that we feel much more comfortable with

I've been stretching for something that's miles out of reach 
but has never felt aimless; though rarely achieved 
Is it better to hope for the wildest of things
or have peace in complacency?
or find your place in complacency...

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