The Losing Side

Something in the fashion that you walk leaves me in disarray 
as infatuation grasps me in its claws and drags me under 
Like a victim comforted by subtle talks
 with it's cunning, mighty prey 
I feel safe among the knowledge 
 that I may soon be ripped and torn away

You've got a hold on me 
In a way I never thought could ever be a possibility 
Now the only way that I can see to really make it out free 
is to fall a little more 

I never thought that I'd go down so easy 
Fighting for control while I lose my mind 
Now this cold heart's been defeated
and learning how to cope on the losing side 

So fearlessly we march into the fire; the risk worth the reward 
 - and the cost of our wounds, and other's falls, and brothers slain;
With no thought or question
Our scars reveal our former great desires;
all the loves we served before,
and the captivated hearts of those we have enchained 

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