Andy, Who Delivers Mail

Maybe you'll find your way out of this God forsaken town 
and up to somewhere, in some city where we're forgotten about 
There you'll find a new beginning, 
grow your hair and change your name
and claim your parents died last winter
when they got struck by a train; or some story like that 

Maybe there you'll go by Andy
Maybe you'll deliver mail 
to some rural part of some small town 
that's hard to say or spell 
On your route you'll meet a good, strong man
who loves and treats you well 
and gets you close enough to open up
about all of the things you're scared to tell 

Then perhaps you'll tell him something;
mostly lies with scattered truth
about a boy out west, or somewhere, and a child inside of you
and how you miscarried Carrie
and now miss Carrie a lot 
and although Carrie wasn't born 
you still assumed you'd tie the knot; but found yourself alone 
unwanted, in the cold 
by a man who couldn't offer you the promise he once told 
so you had to learn to make it on your own 

Maybe he'll kiss your mouth and hold you
Maybe he'll throw you away 
Maybe you'll break down beneath his kindness
and come clean some day 
Maybe his past is just as mangled up 
Maybe his truths they all are fiction 
Maybe you'll catch him on some crossed story full of contradiction 
and you'll both fall apart 
and you'll wind up somewhere half lost
scrambling for a new start where all your lies make sense again 
and you can be what you've not been
just the way you always like to be 
Maybe maybe is the best answer for anything 

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