A Funeral For The Great Babe Ruth

It took better men fewer years to find an alter 
or peace in their repentance for the wicked they had done
I watched brothers die, others fall and courage falter
but today we came home heroes, 
scarred by what we'd overcome 

And there was you, 
smiling like you used to
before the war tore us wild, innocent children into men 
As we passed, I looked back 
as you waved, I smiled once again 
because you looked just like you did when we were kids 
back then, so many years ago 

Soon the banners fell and were put away in boxes 
and the heroes were forgotten and no different than the cowards
I went back to that job on an assembly line in Boston 
putting smiling heads on dolls for less than spit and piss an hour 

But there were times I thought about the life we knew before today 
when I bought that tiny ring to make you smile 
As I collapsed, I focused on the memories of better days 
Through the panic I felt more peace than I'd felt in awhile 
knowing you were still around 

There came bills for miles
piled higher than the gun towers;
except these were far more likely now to bring me to my knees 
Still no one knew my name, for I'm a long forgotten soldier, 
who could never throw a ball so nobody remembered me 

But there were crowds lining up the streets 
to watch the hearse drive by 
thanking Babe Ruth for the way he saved their sons
As we watched, I felt you place your ever faithful hand in mine 
as if to say my war was almost won
like you'd always done before 

On the night I passed from all this 
not a head was hung in sorrow
not a hand held mine, while fighting tears, but yours
like you'd always done before 

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