The Light of the Unknown

When I broke myself to pieces trying to mend my broken trust 
I swore I'd never change myself just to be loved
but wait for one to love the pieces of the peaceless heart
that I'd neglected and let crumble into dust 

Then there was you;
smiling like a light among the weathering storm 
Giving strength, and grace, and comfort I'd not known

Though I felt safer in hiding 
I placed my defenses behind me 
and walked straight into the light of the unknown 

I assumed that peace would find me 
when my final breath was denied me; 
but not here on earth, alive and well with you 
Though I still look like what I've been through 
it seems not to effect the way you see me; as far better than I do

Who am I;
but a man so undeserving of such offered grace?
More inclined to shun redemption than be saved

You said,
"Allow whoever is blameless here to cast their stones at you
You'll find you're safe here, Child - for all have faltered too" 

Rather than condemn my faithlessness you offered faith in life 
and brought light into the darkness that I'd known
When I should have been damned for faithlessness
you brought my faith to life 
and led me straight into the light of the unknown 

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