Shake All The Worry

Chain my mind and lock my mouth
 to let no wicked, foul thing out 
I want to cleanse my heart from all its doubt
 and know no burden's gonna bring me down 

Lord, hey my my 
Won't you shake all the worry off'a me tonight 
It's too hard to carry and I can't lie 
Lift the weight off'a me tonight 

I'll guard my lines and bite my tongue 
to let no evil escape me 
for words have power to lift our chains 
or to ravage wild and destroy 

Forget the wreckage from where I came
It's not a part of me these days
It's just disfigured me in ways 
that I can not repair

Come now freedom
Come hope, prevail
Come loose me heaven from the gates of hell
Give me shelter where I can dwell
and safe there forever be 

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