A Once Exquisite Flame

You're back again to collect me; 
my darlings - Misery, dear Agony and sweet Apathy
I'll fetch my bags and you'll escort me 
off to some corner where it all feels far more frightening
But fear is not what frightens me 
half as much as knowing I might fail

I've searched my soul and found that I - I can go on
I can go on no more
I can go on no more
I can go on no more

I can recall when things still mattered
such subtle innocence I long now to recapture
I had a heart then, do you remember?
those childish passions now no more than stagnant embers 
of a once exquisite flame
I'll tell you honestly,
I don't recall if emotion is even something that I want to feel at all

I've searched my soul and found that I - I can go on
I can go on no more
I can go on no more
I can go on no more

Despite my growing faithlessness, I still have faith in saviors.
For I’ve been haunted by these demons 
and these graceless, fallen angels
but there’s an antonym for everything,
so there must be something faithful  
reaching down to drag me out 
while all these terrors fight to claim my longing soul
Oh, how ungrateful I must be for never feeling privileged 
that some hand selected me to be alive 
We're all forgiven, I've been told - if we confess
I must confess that my past is full of blemish 
and my future's full of failure, I'm afraid

Is there anybody there who has ever felt so all-uncertain 
about everything; but by timidly and questioningly searching
found peace and sense among the senselessness of human hurting? 
can you speak to me a word of grace, 
to calm and reassure me that you feel it? 
Can you feel it?
Could I feel it?

I know answers can be found and I've heard mercy never falters
But still, it's hard believing now as Im surrounded by these waters 
that have sought to bring an end
and take my soul as theirs to claim
as I fight hard to find a reason not to surrender to their weight
Can I feel it like you felt; 
the closest thing to an escape you'd ever found
created in me and have every apprehension stripped away?

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