I found a darkened place I've not visited in awhile
for what purpose have you brought me here tonight?
I feel the cold embrace of fears I once fought as a child
and forced from in the confines of my mind

In anxiousness I tremble
My heart strains, I'm breathing harder now

oh oh I feel this burning in my soul 
oh oh oh oh 
it's like it's screaming at me, 
"don't waste your heart on this worrying anymore, some things aren't worth their holds. 
I just want to drag you out and make you feel again
oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh 

My fathers faith can't save me from
all the absence felt in walking with all faith abandoned
How strange is this hope so dry its threatening to drown
me through my aimless grasps at understanding?
Oh Death, what sting do you hold for me?
or would you calm me down?

I wait, in anxiousness I tremble.
My heart strains, I'm breathing harder now

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