Hand in Hand

There's a head full of hurting
above a heart full of pain
from the truth's ocean churning all of youth's dreams to waste
if you're old you're just preaching
if you're young you're a fool
still you whisper what's on your mind
though no one's listening to you

Still, somehow it all seems worth it;
all this worthless life of man
Hope and I, we will die hand in hand

I loved a girl once and a girl once did love me as well
But war raged in heaven
and the brightest of angels in glory was the first liar who fell
she called me a poet, I called her my queen
we were married in winter - and ruined by spring
Isn't it beautiful knowing even the prettiest things decay?
Peace still feels subtle, but I like it that way

I had two brothers once;
one was young and one was dying
The young one, he offered his health so that both lives could live
Now my brother and I sit here talking in somber reflection
of how greater a love is there none
than to lay down your soul for a friend

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