The Beasts and the Horrors

I feel my heart rate increasing and my blood pressure creep through the sky
as the doctor and the priest in the hall
weigh the chances of into whose hands I'll settle tonight
I'm not scared anymore of the beasts or the horrors that accompany being alive

From somewhere in the back of the room I can hear something calling
as if to say, "you'll be fine child and your father will learn to survive"
I feel within my rushing veins my boiling blood start to freeze
and I know that I'll soon be safe from the beasts and the horrors
that accompany being alive

I heard Elvis on the radio as I flipped on the sidewalk
now my picture's in the paper being rhythmically admired
by all the locals who say,
"it's a shame, he was just a red blooded boy"
Another victim of what might have been had time not expired

I cross the mind of a girl who I knew too well
and she fights to keep from pondering all the pain she worries that I felt
I'm not scared anymore 
of the beasts or the horrors that accompany being alive
I don't feel anymore 
all the losses and wounds and scars ever present in life

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