Take Warning

I'm not calm now.  I'm uneasy.
My searching heart had found it's peace - now it longs for something more
I keep calling...
...but nothing's reaching out to quell the raging screams of my internal war

I've had faith since I was born;
it just grew weaker when you turned away at first chance of a storm
and shouted that you were proud of me for facing all of this alone if I had a choice at all...

I felt like we'd built something pure,
wild with innocence, and bound with trust and destined to endure
But now each time I hear your voice I fall apart the way we did
...and I succumb to my emotions once again...

Oh, take warning! Take warning! 
Carry nothing you can't hold in your own hands
No weight or worry, love or lover's plans
Take warning! Oh, Take warning!
Hold nothing you can't lift with your own hands

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