All I Know is all I've Known Will End

You rode in from the great, white north
where the lakes stretch for miles and the factories roar
bound to let that ageless voice of yours become your fortune
With your father's money and your mother's charm
and faith in your heart and your heart on your arm
there was nothing to keep you from reaching all of the stars you were chasing

We sat outside singing my songs in the freezing
You made me calm so I kept you out all night
You got sick and I knew I was the reason
But you just laughed and said that it was fine
You made your bed and you were going to lie in it

We wrote these songs and somehow you always found a place
to crawl inside the stories that I told
I learned to read your feelings by the lines across your face
and you made me feel sheltered from the ever growing cold
and I felt, for once, you were something that I cold hold on to

I thought,
Oh no, am I going to be alone no more?
Oh no, am I going to have to have a friend?
Oh no, am I going to feel much more secure?
All I've known is that all I've known ends
Everything ends 
Everything ends
Everything ends

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