The Days Have Left Me Wonderin'

I'm playing in some grave in Louisiana
Singing to the heart I left in Tennessee
They say a man is truly healed when he becomes another's
I guess, perhaps, I've clung to my disease
For when a girl in Carolina leaves me waiting in a diner
As she smokes another cigarette outside
I wonder if you'll take me back, Virginia
Or if I'm standing in the way of my own life

Oh, are there answers or is everything unknown?
Oh, I don't know anymore

What if I had a son out west in Oklahoma
With a girl I loved and shared the soul I had
Would the ever winding road leave me reminded
That I'd never be a father, but just a dad?
It's always one more hill before we reach the canyon
Then one more climb until I stop to build my home
Still you whisper that I'm holding on to nothing
But I've never held to something quite as hard as letting go

If I e'er pass understanding, I swear I'll hold on fast
Until my hands grow white and weary and my teeth, from gritting, crack
And I'll pray to God with my last breath that my last breath will last
For one more run into the deep unknown…

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