Appalachian Mountain Song

I lost myself crossing the Appalachians
I left my heart somewhere in Caroline
They say a good man even has a point of breaking
And a girl can make the best men lose their minds
Through the caverns I hear the howling in the distance
Of the hounds I can't escape how hard I try
I lost myself crossing the Appalachians
Try'n to get back to my love in Caroline

Oh, Sweet Lord of Mercy, take me home to see my love
Let my heart be free from worry
Away I'll run, oh on I'll run

I ran for miles through wooded heavy distance
With a mask of chilling fog a'shielding me
But the chains I bore proved far too much resistance
When I tried to cross the river to be free
Now the cold wind blows and trees sway in the distance
Like a choir of angel voices keeping time
I lost myself crossing the Appalachians
There's a lonesome heart somewhere in Caroline 

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