(I'm Not Going to Catch You When You're) Falling

Tell me, are you walking on this canyon now
simply to see if I'm watching and will hold my arms out to support you, my darling?
Do you really think it's worth it at the risk of surely falling?
Did you only step back and out of my life
to find out if you could get me off of your mind?
I wonder, was it worth it; losing all your faith in me?
Is it working? Did it ever stop hurting?

All I can tell you is that you lost a man who
would have held you far closer than anyone you'll run to
In all of this waiting, my arms have grown tired from reaching out for you
So Darling, I'm through trying to catch you when you're falling
I'm not going to catch you when you're falling

Do you ever think about me when you can't find peace of mind
and all your friends and lovers can't see through
the walls you've placed yourself behind
because I'm the only one you've ever shown your scars in light?
Does it then start to occur to you [that] no on knows you such as I?
Is it working; giving up on everything?
Was it worth it? Did it ever stop hurting?

Tell me, are you really falling apart now
or are you simply hoping to see if I still notice?
I'm not going to notice anymore
I'm not going to catch you when you're falling

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