Fire in the Snow

There's fire underneath the snow
A heart that beats beneath the stoney shell
and water rushing wild under the gravel
There is oil beneath the barren fields
The flesh behind the callous still feels
Nothing is lost if it's content to travel

There is life in winter's dying pines
and diamonds in forgotten coal mines
so kick through the door on which you're knocking
Bundle tight your tattered coat
and clutch the earth to stay afloat
and know that you won't be alone if only you keep walking

Believe again, believe again
Nothing seems as it should be - the Lord gets hung so evil is set free
but maybe it will make sense in the end...

Truth is never what it seems
There are worms eating the living trees
and poison in the well from which you've been drinking
There are demons in the church loft
and salvation in the pig troughs
You could see it if you'd just alter your thinking

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