I Won't Let You Down

I told you that my walls were as strong as my pride
And secure as the trees over us
As you lay on your back with your feet in the sky
you whispered, "Hush child, you know that I'm one you can trust  
You may not believe in me yet - but I still believe in us"

Then you stormed my defenses with your innocent smile
And calmed my bones with the touch of your lips
I felt my guards giving up and my heart set to fire
As you told me, "far weaker men had made it out of this
I'll be there when your walls come caving in"

I won't baby, I won't let you down
I won't baby, I won't let you down
Who else do you know, do you know who can tell you that right now?

You told me, 
"All of my heroes were failures like me
They just possessed the courage to get up from their knees
Only surrender or death brings defeat
We’ve all been let down and required rescuing
Your faith might be broken, but your heart's safe with me"

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