Old Tin-Can

I once hid my money in an old tin can and I buried it in the ground
thinking I'd be rich when I grew a man and would make my baby proud
But when I saw you crying through a bleeding eye
I spent my money on a train ride south
and snuck you out of your window, Darlin'
saying, "your daddy can't hurt you now"

Don't go giving up on living just 'cus life gave up on you
It's a bull that you have to ride on 'till the end
The best things never come easy, that's the good Lord's honest truth
You have to get back up if you ever want to fall again

In the holes we wore we couldn't pay the church - so were married in a field
then snuck back to pick up the rice they threw to make for our first meal
We would gather cans by the interstate for a dime and the things we'd need
I once hid my money in an old, tin can - now the tin can's a'payin' me

In a burlap sack and a buck-tooth grin, he's a'runnin' through the yard
While Momma is laying in the cool, wet, grass - don't you see how happy we are?
The banks are crashing and the fields are barren and the well, in a week, runs dry
But a can emptied buys a can of greens and by the cycle we can survive

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