Old Ways

I heard you whisper, "not everything falls apart"
But consistent end results have made me hesitant to start
I wonder if I should even bother fighting anymore when nothing ever seems to change?
I'm slowly trying to rebuild my faithless heart
But find it going slow for lack of faith and lack of trying
So can you lend to me a candle or offer me a spark to help me find my own escape?

The problem with solution is there first must be a problem
that has submitted itself to be reformed
Then the reformation must take place within the heart that needs reforming
This, in turn, reveals solutions that were once ignored

I am never going back to my old ways - I'm never going
I am never going back

Momma, momma, momma what's the point of fighting over this
if every step I take just brings me one more step closer to failing?
Can you remind me of the reasons I've been dying for this?
I'm over it. I'm over it.
Momma, momma why should I reach out for anything
if every answer feels political, contrived and ailing?
I know it's hard, but can you talk me into bleeding out again?
Because I don't feel like bleeding anymore
I don't feel like fighting anymore
Momma, I don't feel like fighting anymore

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