Remember Me

I never will forget you, sweet lover of my youth
All our good times near the fault-lines whispering lies we swore were truth
I guess that ship of ours couldn't withstand the storms we sailed into
You once promised me you'd never leave
I wonder if you still remember me...

I met you in some town in Tennessee
I didn't say a word to you but those wild eyes across the room
made me feel like I was in a dream
I prayed to God you'd smile when you saw me
Remember sitting in those old fields playing songs on my guitar?
You always told me I wrote from the heart
For awhile I felt like you made sense of everything
I wonder what you ever saw in me?
Pretty Darlin', do you ever think of me?

I can not forget you - though heaven knows I've tried
to find some way to get you off this heart of mine
I can not forget you - trust me, I've done everything
I wonder if you still can't forget me
I wonder if you ever think of me

Sometimes I sit up all alone in silent conversations with the sky
Praying to God that he's still up there watching
I've heard you always stay the same and prayers never rise in vain
but I've been struggling with faith since the day that we stopped talking
Remember how you used to hold me every passing day?
Momma says that you're still trying to - if I'd stop walking away
I once promised you I'd never leave
I wonder if you still remember me...

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