The Road

I lost myself along the way
Trying to find my life before I possess my grave
Bound to flesh’s mortal decay, I long for a soul
The dust of earth beneath my heels brings me one step closer to a journey fulfilled
Flesh and faith - a battle of wills for eternal control

I feel I’ve been this place before - how did I wake up here again?
Why would it work out for me now whey it didn’t work out then?
I feel I’m torn in paths of heart between this apathy and faith
What is life from end from start but a journey to be saved?

I’ve become the paper weight that’s lighter than the fold
I’m still searching down this worthless road I roam
What an endless road I roam!

Perceive my heart like broken glass cracked and shattered on the floor
If we’re sentenced here to last than there must be something more
I see my hope fade like the sun - soon engulfed in endless black
Trapped in actions left undone and things I’m longing to take back

I’ve become these tattered rags wrapped in stench of stagnant blood
I’m still stumbling down this road I roam - from the horrid place I've come

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