The Bottle

The bottle, the bottle has let me down again
I try to fight the bottle but the bottle always wins
The needle, the needle; comes knocking at my skin
An ever faithful temptress begging, “won’t you let me in”
I once had a woman and a family to feed
But the whiskey took my woman and my family from me
So now I lay inside this box; a cardboard prison cell
Waiting for the horned fox to drag my soul to hell

No one will miss me when I’m gone

Oh woman, sweet woman; red letter on your chest
I bid her come inside with me for anything but rest
But coffins, in coffins, we one day all will sleep
But if we’re not forgiven then our souls will Satan reap

No one will miss me when I’m gone

Oh listen, Child, listen to the words that I have said
Redemption isn’t offered to the ones already dead…

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