Smile and Wave

Do I do well covering my sins?
I’ve practiced so long at masking them
Can you tell by my smile what I conceal inside?
Over time I have learned that the truth easily hides
Behind facetious wit and sarcastic absurdity
How could you tell my broken state through such a strong obscurity?
Wait, let me laugh just one more time and tell you that I’m doing fine
How could you tell my emptiness while behind this wall I hide?

Within my soul I know that all is well
But here on this earth held in depression’s grasp I dwell
God grant me the peace to live - to live
What is life? What is living?

Do I hide well behind this mask I wear?
Have you been convinced that I feel life’s been so fair to me?
Do I deceive with clarity?
Can you see through the shield I’m behind?
Can you see into my heart, into the pain I hide?
Can you pierce my faux reality?
Can you see me?
Show me

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