Rusty Smile

I’ve been getting pretty good at writing slow songs since the night you left me bleeding at our door
I used to sing the lines of always smiling but my rusty smile’s too worn to work anymore
Do you ever hear me sing to you on that tattered radio?
You helped me find the songs that make hearts weep
I’ve still got that perfect pebble tucked beneath my bed
I doubt you’ve even hold that memory
I hope that man who’s found you treats you better than a queen
And I hope you’re always smiling the way you once did
I pray to God you’ll find the arms of a better man that me
The arms to keep you warm and safe and hid

Girl do you remember the night that we first met?
Beneath the Beast, young Belle saw a Romeo and you became my Juliet
Every time we tripped we fell into each other’s arms
Where we felt no harm behind our walls of love
We had nothing else, but love
Penniless and homeless - but to me, love was enough

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