Running Away

Where did you go, where did you go?
Where did you go, son?
Won't you take off your jacket and slip off your hatchet and gun?
Where have you been, where have you been
Where have you been, child?
I hear you've been sleeping in the pines like a bear in the wild

I said, Momma -
Don't you know I've been running away? Isn't everybody running away?
Some by drinking and some by train - but in the end we're all running away
Everybody's running away. Oh, everybody's running away
If you're looking for freedom there ain't nothing that'll bring it
Like packing up and running away

What have you seen, what have you seen
What have you seen, boy?
Won't you sit by the fire and tell me all your god-awful stories?
What have you done, what have you done
What have you done, kid?
I can tell by the look in your eye there's something awful you did

What have you learned, what have you learned
What have you learned, boy?
I learned that life's just a prison that we all have to learn to enjoy

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