Penny Thrill

All the citizens call me El Diablo
For the hell I've caused and the hell where I'll go
When they catch me, they'll buy me a one way ticket on a shotgun train
If they ever see me running on the southbound plain

I have my mother's eyes, my father's will and my own means to an end
I've never met a man who I wouldn't kill
For a piece of bread, or a penny, or just the thrill 

One small sin leads to two small sins - and then to three and then to fifteen more
Until they finally found me in the badlands and they came a'kicking through the saloon doors
They thought that 18 men against an outlaw's grin meant a pale excuse for a fight
But I widowed 18 grieving brides then kissed the bar-tap girls goodnight

They found me in a river with my back to the sun
I was shot in my sleep by a widow for the wicked I'd done
They told me, "If you live by the barrel, then one day you're going to die by the gun, son -
They'll find you with your face in a river and your back to the sun"

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