One Cup of Coffee

In a glass on a barstool in some town near LA
I found pickup and punch lines that no man should say
But the drinks I'd been having sort of got in the way
Besides, you looked perfect and I felt brave
You resembled an angel from some grey movie screen
Still, I felt insecure on the floor on one knee
When I asked you the question that makes most people leave
You said, "yes" - and you married me

Pour one more round for the boys - tonight we're all dancing

So wrap a bow made of your chains and give you your guard
But keep a cup full of loose change for the day you depart
If you go without a warning, send a forwarding card
And I'll mail back the keys to your heart

I woke up to find you with a suitcase, a cigarette and the keys to the car
Putting my heart in a box in the attic while the kids waited out in the yard
I called you my anchor and you said, "Sometimes two ships drift apart"
So I sunk like the good anchors do - while you sailed off into the dark

Go away, bartender - I feel much more safe down here
Where everything is blurry I don't ever have to face what's so clear
The hardest part of living is all the hours and the days and the years
So pour me one cup of coffee and just let me lay under here

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