Mourning After

I crept to your room in the middle of the night
Though we both knew it was wrong why did it all feel so right?
We swore nothing happened and it all went as planned
Until the test that we feared was placed in our hands
So we did what they said we should do - dear God, how we failed

As the days went by I could see it in your eyes
That you lied when you said you were fine
As the days turned to weeks it got harder to speak
of the pain we were hiding inside
When you finally broke down it seemed like everything broke
And you'd call me up crying the night through
It's hard living life knowing you took the life of a child who life never knew

The morning after wasn't filled with the laughter that a November morning should bring
We were mourning after the morning after and you couldn't look at me - without crying
...and I knew that things would never be the same...

Now every time I see a child I'm reminded of the one
And I can't help but wonder was it my daughter or my son?
As I think to myself, "Oh my God, what have I done?"

Time carries on and the memories fade - but some scars time can't erase
The painful past lives on forever through mistakes

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