I Miss You, Cowgirl

I just want to say you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me
I don’t blame you half as much for leaving as I thank you the memories
I remember the first time that I saw and the beauty that lay behind your eyes
How I begged the Lord to make this angel love me and the way I laughed when he finally made you mine

It’s kind of like that now the way my heart is crying out from losing you my every hope and dream
He’s sleeping by you now and it’s breaking my heart down knowing his hands are on my everything
But baby I won’t hold it against you even though I’m in the dust upon the ground
And Darlin‘ know that I won’t e’r resent you or ever wish you’d never come around
I miss you cowgirl and I wonder if you’re ever missing me…

Because you still are the best part of me
And still are the fulfillment of my dreams
And even though I couldn’t make you smile I want to thank you for giving me the chance
To take your hand and love you for awhile for the greatest years of living in a matchless romance

My world begins and ends with you, my Sweet Darlin’ how I loved you till the end
My heart and soul are forever joined to you, Pretty Angel (even knowing this, Girl) I’d do all again
These last few weeks of dying compare nothing at all to the joy that I had in loving you complete
I miss you cowgirl and I pray that you’ll come riding back to me

I don’t regret a thing - when I look back on the memories and the smile that you bring
Thought I’m not sure how it ever came to this. But I’m grateful for the wonder years every time I reminisce
I feel like I won’t ever be alright; I’ve grown obese on memories and tipsy from my cries
Still I’m amazed at how wonderful you are. you could charm the sun to set so your eyes could match the stars
I love the way that every flower fades when surpassed by your beauty stronger than the chilling shade
And the way your laugh could silence every bird who felt outdone with every song or softly spoken word
I’m so glad that I somehow won your heart I still smile when I think of you although the switching’s ripped apart

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