Hey There, Tired Eyes

Let your guard down, darlin', it won't kill you if you hold my hand
I'll crush all the pieces of your broken heart so small they'll all seem more like sand
Let me be your surgery needle to stitch up the wounds from your fall
I'll conceal all your scars and help you with your makeup
So no one can tell you were ever even hurt at all

So we go down, down, in a lie called forever
For the bright, shining weather looks black to our cynic eyes
Going down, down, we’re drowning together
While we treat all our fevers like they require surgery knives

It’s easier, for us, being broken than admitting that everything is fine
But the sharp, razor edge of a cracked, shattered heart will cut you to ribbon inside
So squeeze my hand and I’ll purge the infection
Doesn’t repair feels like dying, my dear?
Let your bleeding lips tremble and your eyes flood till sleep comes
And when you awake I'll be here

You and I constantly think we’re dying to the point we can’t see we’re alive
In an endless display of mending the other to the point that we’re too weak to survive

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