Everybody Leaves

Somebody once taught me that everyone I love leaves
So Darlin', why did you feel the need to prove to me she was right?
Now I'm falling back to my old ways of never trusting anything
Where I'm jaded - but I'm safe again from everybody's lies

Why, oh why, does everybody leave me?
I swear to God, believe that all I ever wanted was you
Why, oh why, does everybody leave?
I feel like I've been bleeding out for years from the same wound
The funny thing is I believed that I was healed when I found you
(I guess that's just what I deserve for putting my faith in you)

Call it a shot out of the dark or a knife into my heart
Either way it doesn't matter much - either way I wound up scarred
So I'm crawling into my cage again to hide within it's bars
Here nobody can get to me no matter who they are

This is it - this is why I don't ever count on tomorrow
I guess hearts aren't built to keep they're only built to borrow - for a little while

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