Momma, the radio is playing all the sad songs
The kind that make a grown man like me want to cry
Sometimes I take my heart and tear it off my sleeve
To wash it down and ring it out and hang it up to dry
oh oh, oh oh

Oh no, Darlin' don't you know?
You could have my heart forever if you never let me go
No, no, no, no - Darlin' don't you know?
Please, don't ever let me go

Some pray for blessings while others simply steal
All the sinners, slowly dying, hope to God that he isn't real
But me, I only hope and me, I only pray
That you and I will be together on my dying day

But what about my heart?
Was it ever mine at all?
But if you give a reason then you know that I can fall - I can fall for you
What about my heart?
Was it ever really mine?
If you have the answer then you know I have the time
But if you fear the answers then, baby, I can lie
But if you just need confessions, pretty girl, I've got the lines for you

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