I Just Want to Be Loved

I can hold this smile like a portrait, dear
Carve it in my flesh from ear to ear - but eventually I grow tired of bleeding
and long for someone to rescue me from the comfort of covered misery.
Someone please, see through the lies of hope I hide behind

I just want to be loved

I know I may seem guarded, dear
Maybe I have less cause than I have fear
but have you ever been alone so much that you're scared of not being alone
for fear that if you love again your walls would fall more than you could mend?
Still try - it won't take much but your own trust to earn my trust

I just want to be loved

I often try - but more often fail - to climb to heaven up the gates of hell
and escape all of this meaningless meaninglessness
Maybe no one cares, maybe no one will
Will sleepless nights always be filled with ambiguous emotion until I return to dust?
Is there hope for my hopeless soul who once traded love for now failed goals?
Dear Death, please don't erase whatever unfound thing will fill this space
  - unless you arrange for me to substitute its place

I just want to be loved

Is there something wrong with me? My hands they shake, my heart it screams
For something to come set me free...or something...really anything...
If I write lines that can break your heart will they ever be seen as more than art
and recognized as the way I really feel inside?

So here I am, painted smile again
calm exterior, dead within
No one seems to notice much these days

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